Embracing the Travel Gods

Travel can be exciting, educational, or relaxing. It can also be challenging, especially when the travel gods take over

How I learned to live with the travel gods

After 10 years of continual nomad travel, I like to to think I'm in control; of my life plans and of my travel plans. But I now realize that some of that control is an illusion.

When the economy and housing market fell apart in the US, I decided to stop trying to control life, and instead, embrace my love of travel and curiosity for other cultures. I dissolved all possessions, replacing them with a carry-on travel bag and a one-way plane ticket.

I'm not always in control of my travel plans either. The travel gods can step in and decide whether I'm going, where I'm going, how long I'm staying, whether I reach my intended destination or end up somewhere unexpected. And I've learned that giving up that control can actually turn into a good thing.

This website is intended to help travelers cope with the ups and downs of travel and how to deal with the travel gods when they take over.

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